HOPE – a testimony to how young adults (4 women and 3 men) can take up the baton for change within their community, the remote district of Lohardaga where exploitation and injustice was rampant along with other social issues. The HOPE team felt compelled in this situation to reach the unreached , give voice to the unheard and help them with information, inspiration and intensify their effort to take action. From humble beginnings in 2003 in 15 quick years the team now helps over 186 villages dominated by tribal residents.
Innovating traditional ideas and culture for development, the organisation has managed to curb, trafficking of children, migration, environmental degradation, malnourishment amongst other issues. By delivering education, health, agro based work, vocational skills HOPE has been pivotal in delivering child and women’s rights.
The journey to keep this community self reliant and change sustainable is ever demanding. Resources to manage this positive trajectory are crucial and you are the one that can keep their pace of growth. Support to curb trafficking and migration to urban centers.

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