When Mrs. Bharati came for group sessions conducted by Adveka Foundation for caregivers of adolescents with special needs, she rarely participated in discussions — preferring to hang back and listen to other participants talk. A mother of two sons, a 21 and 19-year-old, Mrs. Bharati suffered from low self-confidence and often felt helpless. However, in time, she started speaking out during sessions, actively encouraged by fellow participants and facilitator. Now, Mrs. Bharati is one of the more active participants during sessions and doesn’t back out when called upon to share her feelings and experiences. She says she feels more confident now and is able to deal with the feeling of helplessness when it surfaces. She now actively reaches out for help during times of need, something she wouldn’t have done before she came for the group sessions. Mrs. Bharati has become more assertive and is vocal about getting her needs fulfilled.

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