Reshma’s family worked in the carpet weaving industry. She also joined the industry and started working at the tender age of 7 years. A member of the Centre of Integrated Development visited her family and after many attempts, persuaded them to send her to the Education Centre. Resham got a chance to experience life after being a child labourer. She loved being in the education centre where she enjoyed the academics and other activities. When she reached the 4th grade, she was enrolled in a government school. She also volunteered with Child Line when she was just 12 years old! At 19, Reshma was selected as a youth delegate by a foreign foundation and even visited Germany and Nepal to attend youth network events. Reshma has completed her Masters in Social Work and is now working as a Child and Adolescent Facilitator with the Centre for Integrated Development. She has become an inspiration for her community and all parents want to send their daughters to school, to become like Reshma!

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