Enabling girls lead a life of dignity Saving the earth, one tree at a time.

Enabling girls lead a life of dignity
Saving the earth, one tree at a time.

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Jodo India gifted 300 reusable pad kits to adolescent girl students from Rajkiyakrit Uchh Vidhyalaya, Daantu at Kasmar Block, Bokaro district in Jharkhand. Most of the girl students are from the local tribal communities and are first generation learners.

Panna is one of the economically backward districts in Madhya Pradesh near Sagar and famous for its diamond mines. Jodo India Social Foundation gifted 500 reusable cotton pad kits in 6 schools to adolescent school girls from grades 8 to 12.

Seed ball dispersion is an old method of growing trees, which is being tried afresh. Quality seeds of native trees are placed inside a ball formed out of cattle dung and clay. These balls are dispersed for reforestation or in areas with scanty vegetation.

The seed ball dispersion program is combined with the sanitary napkin distribution program. School girls disperse and plant the seed balls with enthusiasm. The program aims to inculcate awareness on the importance of the environment with young, school going children.

About Jodo India Foundation

Jodo India Social Foundation focuses on a two-fold mission. Women’s menstrual health issues are integrated with aspects of environmental restoration. Our work is based in rural India across states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

The life of a woman in rural India is replete with multiple forms of deprivation. One major form of deprivation is lack of access to safe choices during menstruation. Adolescent girls who have reached puberty are unable to attend schools for the same reason.

We provide girls in rural schools with safe options on menstrual hygiene such as reusable sanitary pads. Our beneficiaries are able to continue their schooling during their periods increasing their opportunity for lifelong learning.
Please contribute Rs. 3000 towards the distribution of a reusable sanitary pad kit for 5 school girls.
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Our second mission is restoring green cover through preparation and dispersal of seed balls of native Indian trees in select rural communities. Our Partners work closely with local Forest and other Officials to make this happen. Some of our beneficiary schoolgirls actively take part in this activity.
Till July 2021, we have distributed reusable pad kits to 4,089 beneficiaries in over 10 districts and have dispersed 273,000 seed-balls over six districts of rural India.
Please contribute Rs.5000 towards the dispersal of 1000 seed balls in rural India.
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For more information, please visit https://jodoindia.org/

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