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Lighthouse Communities Foundation (formerly Pune City Connect) is an ambitious mission to build communities through employment and agency for all by creating an environment of dignity, inclusion and attainment of full potential.

We work with Government, Corporates and Nonprofits to implement our 3 programs that focus on Sustainable Livelihoods, Quality Education and Digital Empowerment.

Sustainable Livelihoods through the Lighthouse Centres for Skilling and Livelihood is implemented in Pune, Aurangabad, and Kalyan-Dombivali. It will soon be launched in Delhi.

Digital Empowerment: Digital Literacy is imperative in this pandemic. Our digital empowerment program is run 100% virtual and so far 62000 citizens of Pune have been trained.

Quality Education: We are running an Education program centered on Social and Emotional Learning for children from Marathi medium Municipal Corporation schools. The program is enabling well-being, identity, positive self-image and a sense of belonging for children by creating an environment where children are empowered to drive their own learning. With education disrupted due to the pandemic, the Social Emotional Learning program is an attempt to help children manage their emotions and cope with the fallout of the pandemic.

To know more about us visit www.lighthousecommunities.org 

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