The Mamta Trust is committed to creating a new tomorrow by giving quality express education, in English to 300 underprivileged children on the outskirts of Pune. Since children learn 80 percent of everything that they will ever know by the age of 5, the Mamta Trust focuses on pre-primary education. This includes lots of love, encouragement, a healthy daily unlimited snack/meal, uniforms to inculcate pride, quality stationery, monthly celebrations, and a curriculum that really works.  Their Upper K.G. graduates can read, write and understand entire paragraphs in English, know basic times tables and can add and subtract, and most importantly, love learning! 

They also have monthly parent teacher meetings to help the parents prioritise their child’s education, and see them grow in their journeys too!. They are mainly migrant and construction workers, cleaners, housemaids etc. It’s a privilege to see children get excited and become confident with learning. And they really need it now, more than ever before!

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